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How to clean and take care the genuine leather sofa?

Most of people will like genuine leather sofa, because it is easy to clean and feels very soft and comfortable. But if you don't take good care of it, the genuine leather will also deteriorate. Here are the steps for cleaning protected leathers.


First, Regular care

After buying the leather sofa, if you want to keep the leather soft and supple, after cleaning and occasionally, you can use a commercial leather conditioner. In order to prevent dirt and sweat from soaking into the pores of the sofa, it will be difficult to clean in the future. Use it to clean and maintain the sofa once a month.


Second, avoid direct sunlight.


To protect your leather furniture, keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources, which can cause drying and cracking.  “Leather breathes and continues to remove moisture from its environment to keep it soft and supple,” Frehafer says.  “In certain conditions and climates where it is very dry, it will require more conditioning because of less moisture available.”


Third, avoid oil, ink,and other stains.

If you find any stains on the sofa, you should use a leather cleaner to clean it immediately. If there is no leather cleaner, you can also use a clean white towel dipped in a little alcohol to gently wipe the stain, and then wipe it with a dry wet towel until it is completely After drying, use commercial leather conditioner.


Don't scrub the leather sofa with water, it will harden the leather and lose its soft feeling after a long time.

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