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The Differences Of The Rectangular Dining Table And Round Shaped

The Differences Of The Rectangular Dining Table And Round Shaped

Many people have difficulty in choosing one from two things. To choose rectangle or to choose round dining table, this is a question. Today, let us -- EKAR Furniture tells you how to choose.
1.For apartment, the total area is not so big, if still place round dining table, it would waste space. The population of small family is usually 3-5 people, the square table can make full use of some corner position. Usually to put a little square tables is enough for a small apartment .

2.You can choose the right table according to the decoration style. Generally speaking, Chinese style or European style is more suitable with round table, and the modern minimalist style is more, perhaps because of the Chinese style, the selection of round table means a round, and the square tables give people the feeling is modern, fashionable. The use of round table or square tables, to consider the entire style of home improvement, relatively speaking, modern or post-modern style, the table is more appropriate. Round tables are more suitable with Chinese style.

3.Can be based on the size of the dining room to choose, if the space area is large, then choose Round Table;

4.You can also choose the folding square table folding, only to pull apart then can be formed round tables. Usually, family use the rectangular shape, and with guests, then use the round shape, which is convenient and practical.

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