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How to choose a suitable bed?

How to choose a suitable bed?

Bed is one of the most important furniture in a house because people spend at least 1/4 days in the bed. Hence, choosing a good bed is quiet important. Therefore, how to choose a suitable bed? There are some factors you need to consider: style, space, size, material, headboard, mattress etc. Today we talk about the style and headboard.  

If you want a style statement bed which adds your character to a room, headboards are a must. There are several main kinds of headboard: mental, wooden, upholstered (fabric or leather). Nowadays, fabric headboard and frame is a fashion for beds because it's easy matching with bedroom design and convenient to clean. Therefore, we also catch up with the trend and have our own fabric upholstered bed series. You can check it out to see a variety of designs.

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