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Are you worried about how to transport the furniture after you buy it?

If this is your first time importing furniture, I believe you will have a lot of concerns about poor quality and scammers, so how to find a manufacturer you can trust. First, we can learn about the age of the store and the capabilities of the factory, and we can learn about the scale and main product design of the factory through videos with the factory. The second is to judge whether it is professional through communication with sales staff.


Ekar is a Laozi brand furniture factory with 21 years of furniture experience. It has developed from domestic sales to foreign sales, and established the company's foreign trade team in 2010. Our main markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Asia and the Middle East countries, our products have received unanimous praise from them, and we have undertaken some office, hotel and villa projects.


In addition, we have 4 showrooms with various furniture designs, which can meet all your needs and save you time and cost, because you can buy all the furniture you want from our company.


Are you worried about how to transport the furniture after you buy it? Whether it is door-to-door or port-to-port, FCL or bulk cargo, we can serve you.

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